A Reminder How Beautiful Life Can Be

A Reminder How Beautiful Life Can Be

 “…you are reading this, you woke up this morning, and that is enough.”

Life can be pretty challenging. It is a never-ending quest for something that you are not even sure of. We spend our time searching for places that do not even exist, for feelings that never can be felt, and for things that we never can comprehend. What is more is that we live in a world that is caught up in the spur of things; the fast-paced environment, the dullness of the people, and the missing pieces of emotions. Without really knowing where to go, we are going nowhere, fast.

But then again, life brings us something special in rare times, something to talk about, something to share, something to write, and something to remember. These things are fleeting moments that goes by so fast, that we need something to remind us of these memories. Thus, comes poetry. Poetry expresses emotions in a way that we feel it. It describes places in way that makes us think that we have already been there, that the impossible things can always be possible. It shows the beauty of the moment that passed. Though nowadays, poetry can be hard to find.

Not many people enjoy poetry in this age. They find it boring, old-school, outdated, and a thing of the past. They find it ambiguous and confusing. They think that poetry is such a deep ocean they can never dare to jump into. Many thinks that it is much better to tell a story in a way that it is easy to understand. What they do not realize is that all of these things are what makes poetry beautiful. It comes in every form and style. Poetry changes its emotions depending on the reader, time, and even the thing one is going through as they read the poems. It is vibrant and colorful. It is potent and powerful, but not overwhelming. It comes with melodies and rhythm that it can make your heartbeat or even take your breath away.

Such beauty of poetry is what is shown is the book Black Love. Written by Thomas Amy, it is not only a collection of random poems but also, a guide reminding you about how unique and amazing you can be. Divided by seven chapters, this book is a roller coaster of emotions which gives you the opportunity better understand your own emotions. May it be loneliness, loss, depression, heartache, abuse, or love, you will find yourself deep in the ocean of thoughts that poetry brings. Sometimes, life overwhelms us. We often forget to take a break, just to breath and get ourselves going again. But life is not always about the great stuff, sometimes it is about these little things we often disregard. It is important to realize that every morning that you wake up is another chance to make life beautiful.  It is also important to remind ourselves of the things that makes living worthwhile. A little poetry can help us ignite the flames burning inside us. It can spark your creativity, your appreciation of things, and even your curiosity. This might be the things that can bring excitement back in our lives.

Your life is a piece of poetry you write. Not everybody will understand it. Not everybody will appreciate it. Not everybody will know what it is all about. But you, yourself, knows that it tells your own story and how beautiful it is. Given how hard living can be, this little reminder, is enough to get you through the day.


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