On Black American’s Seemingly Perpetual Battlefield

On Black American’s Seemingly Perpetual Battlefield

“Valor and honor for one’s state know no color, nor it has any connection to one’s ethnicity. It only knows a heart that fights for the glory of his country.”

Consciously or not, everyone in this world is interconnected, and that connection does not limit itself on age, names, economic status, let alone colors. All the deeds that people committed in the past resulted in everyone’s situations, regardless of whether some people will fail to acknowledge it. As February calls for the celebration of the Black’s History in America, allow this celebration’s aims to remind people of the African-American feats and contributions to the country to flourish in every person’s sense. This year’s Black History month, allow your mind to fly open to take a glimpse of their lineage’s history and optimistically reflect how this history should play a significant part in today’s society.

During the revolutionary war in America, about 9,000 Black Americans fought in the name of their motherland. They played such a significant feat in the war by the battle at Fort Ticonderoga and Bunker Hill’s Battle, thus, contributing meaningfully towards the revolution’s success. All these 9,000 Black Americans were honored as patriots for the great nation of America. However, if there is one battle that is never over for black people, that will be their war against racism, which still valiantly prevails until today. The war they are currently dealing with is not a battle of bullets, cannons, and guns, but a struggle against hearts and perceptions of people they have once sworn to protect. There are many things that black American people have done in honor of great America, but allow their contribution to the great revolutionary war to be the ideal imagery of equality. A paragon in a sense that the battlefield knew no color of man in its area, every single one is an American who fights for what he thinks is great for his nation and secure a future for those who are yet to see the sun rising on earth.

The war for equality has already been dreadfully long and exhausting. Even today, this battle against racism still seems to be far from being over. However, every single one of you must ponder over this: if the battlefield who only knows bullets, death, guns, and violence was able to overlook the color of one man because what only matters to it was that man’s purpose for being there, what more can a person with a heart do? A person with a heart that knows how to love and understand others. Taking the 9,000 soldiers and other unnamed Black Americans that offered their life and honor for the country into consideration, take the torch and step into the modern battlefield. It is your turn. It is a revolution for the reform and benefit of every citizen in America and the country itself, because what is greater than a version of America which labels each of its people great and equal? Just like the old one, this battlefield knows no man of age, ethnicity, or color. What only matters is your purpose of being there. It is not a battle for the Black Americans alone. It is a battle to be conquered by every person who believes that equality and equity shall be served on a silver platter for everyone without any form of discrimination.

One’s pair of eyes may see the difference among people, thus deceiving, but a heart can only feel those of others regardless of who or what they are. And in the battlefield you are about to engage yourself in, may you choose the side where the hearts beat synchronously instead of eyes that only sees inferiority.

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