The Premise on Loving Yourself

The Premise on Loving Yourself

In building relationships, it is often heard that we must love ourselves first before loving others. The people that say this would repeat the same script repeatedly and many of us are growing tired of hearing the same thing. This phrase has been repeated many times that almost every one of us had known it, a phrase that people would always say once a person would confine about their problems. It’s like the word has been an automated answer for people who feel lost, making them feel guilty about their feelings. The term has been connotated into a narrow definition. This is the reason why this phrase, even when well-intended, becomes one of the catalysts of toxic positivity.

Toxic positivity starts when a thing that needs to be addressed is ignored to focus on the problem’s positive side. This frequently becomes the misinterpretation of the phrase, “Love yourself.” It is understood that we must not mind things that affect us negatively and only focus on those things that are stereotypically seen as positive. Society had set definitions that affect people individually. People must realize that real self-love is not like what community means: it is a lot of crying and addressing repressed issues in ourselves, facing our traumas and fears, and evaluating what we truly want in life. It is a process that evokes pain in the beginning.

Ana Healings, for that matter, wrote a book that can help you realize the spark you need in your life. Two books with a purpose for readers to reflect and acknowledge their own truths, Wanderlust: In Tune with Inner Compass and Wanderlust: In Tune with Nature, are dependable aids to the journey of loving one’s self whether you prefer diving in the depths of your soul or be replenish in nature’s hands. It offers a new perspective on self-care and encourages readers to explore new things, giving them the chance to understand themselves deeper. It is a must-read for people who are clueless about how to start their self-care journey, for people who are curious about making their relationships work, and for people who want knowledge about the spiritual realm. Ana Healings made sure that this book will inspire the hearts and souls of many to heal themselves and shine brighter than they do as she has the virtue to help people find their purpose in life. This book allows readers to dive deep into themselves and make their lives better from within.

Loving yourself is easier said than done. It is a continuous practice that tests people to their limits. Like a metamorphosis, the self-love journey starts from us believing in ourselves and taking care of our basic needs, sheltering ourselves in a cocoon of love and acceptance. Lastly, it is to enjoy the life we have and spread our wings like a butterfly.



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