Caught with a Lycan: An Innovatory Among Lycanthrophy

Caught with a Lycan: An Innovatory Among Lycanthrophy

There is a consistency among people’s lives that makes them attuned to start looking for things that tend to be different. Everyone wants to experience something new or have a unique personality among everyone. A thousand choices to build an aesthetic are more prominent in the current age. Music taste, fashion sense, and even the books you read would give someone an idea about your vibe. Specifically, in a world where thousands of books are published every day and genres are being introduced, novels that go out of the line garners attention.

The genre of paranormal fiction and novels about lycanthropes had been setting off the book industry since Twilight was published in 2008, and werewolves are among the most mentioned topics. The Caught with a Lycan series written by Stephanie R. Lowell sets a different tone with it as she introduces the first book titled Caught in a Lycan Favour. It narrates a paranormal romance between Devin and Torrun. Being intellectually written, the series is sought for by readers, and it is interesting to know what the author has in mind as she had written the book. In this interview, these thoughts are going to be revealed by the author herself.

Inspirations set the momentum, which is why Stephanie R. Lowell is asked what inspired her to write one where she narrates how she is in love with the idea of werewolves and vampires that fall in love with unsuspecting humans. She also shares her favorite part in the book, “I ultimately love the dynamics between the hero and the heroine.”Readers can absolutely look forward to the protagonists’ love story as the author recommends this part of the book. No one can ever go wrong with the creator’s recommendation per se. When asked how this book would appeal to the readers, the author had said, “I hope they laugh and just fall in love with characters as much as I have.” The book is written with a fine sense of humor and narrates a complex plot that paranormal romance/fiction fans would surely love.

Books are written with a theme that the audience can add to their insights and expertly use them to better their lives. However, Caught in a Lycan Favour, as told by the author, has not much message. It is about a light-hearted and fun romance between a werewolf and a human after the hero finds out that his love interest is only pretending to date his brother. Even the writer is affected in building the book. “It definitely opened up a lot more stories for me. I have already finished the sequel, which is Caught in a Lycan’s Protection, and am working on the third book as well,”Stephanie recounts. The series is certainly one of Lowell’s initial masterpieces that mature audiences would love. Closing the interview, the interviewee is asked if she can share a line, quote, or scene from the book. She narrates merrily, “The introduction to Torunn (the hero) is after Devin (the heroine) meet the brothers, and she goes to the fridge to grab out a beer, and it’s all Coors Light, so she makes fun of the light beer drinker, not knowing that the oldest brother was standing right behind her.”

Readers that loved reading lycanthropy novels can expect an intellectual tale crafted by the author. The book is written with the utmost expertise and is unlike any novel that we can read anywhere. It leaves an interesting tale that can not only entertain but also enrich everyone’s imagination, a befitting tale that gives its readers the pleasure of experiencing a different from the constancy of life.

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