Stephanie Lowell and Her Epitome of Creativity

Stephanie Lowell and Her Epitome of Creativity

Creativity comes from imagination; it fuels people to execute projects they do in their lives. It is an inspiration to continue and a beautiful thing that our thoughts push us to do. Imagination is not there for everyone to think of rainbows and butterflies, but to allow us in furnishing our thoughts and put it into material content—be it in a written manuscript, a painting, sculptures… even a boost of motivation in finishing tasks in a workplace is one of the effects of imagination. It allows us to build and create something out of nothingness and makes all things impossible possible. This can reflect how Steve Jobs had visualized Apple and created it while enduring all the heavy remarks thrown at him. Many people like him lead the generation through their works.

An author with four books published, Stephanie R. Lowell, is also a woman with many thoughts living in her mind rent-free. Stephanie believes that humor is connected to longevity and puts this principle when writing her ideas on paper. Everyone loves to hear about a jovial author like her, and so here are some snippets from an interview with Stephanie R. Lowell, where she shares stories about her career and gives advice to those who need it. Lowell’s first question about how and when did she realize that she wants to pursue a writing career. The author answered, “I have always loved writing. I was big on writing poetry and even had one published. I once started writing a story that I never finished long before the one I finally published. Then one day at work, I made a joke about how I should write a book about all the weirdness that goes through my head (another one I never finished). Shortly after, there was a night I was lying in bed, and parts of a story came together, and I just started writing it down. That was my first book, The Dimension to Destiny.” All of us can relate to how we often casually say things, not knowing their role in the future.

Given the fact that Stephanie had chosen to write stories out of ideas in her head, it needs to be known what she thinks makes a good story in which she says, “I think you can turn anything into a good story”. Stephanie’s right as everyone and everything can create a good story. All that it depends on is the style and words that an author will use. It is also important to take the subject into great consideration as this is a huge factor for readers. Stephanie R. Lowell’s first book published is The Dimension of Destiny which is about a girl’s adventure. Lowell’s talent in articulating her own ideas into tangible words is a fascinating feat for people around her. It is by great curiosity to ask her where she gets information and ideas for her books. “I have always had a great imagination, but I get information from research online, and I even have some books on different mythologies,” she shares.

Establishing a career in writing gives unexpected lessons for authors, and Stephanie is no exception. The last part of the interview talks about these lessons wherein a question is asked on the most surprising things she learned in creating books. Stephanie conveys, “The most surprising thing that I have learned thus far is that I can write a plot twist with absolutely no planning, and once it was so great, I had to figure out where to go from there.” An answer that people don’t know about creating a book; the ability to handle sudden plot twists that characters reveal in your mind is one of the key factors in making an exhilarating novel. The author then shares what she likes to do when she does not write, saying that she loves reading and gets many ideas from that. “My boyfriend and I have also started making little 3D cartoons that we post on YouTube under JL Animation Studios. We both enjoy creating and bring our imagination to life,” she adds. No one gets on an interview without leaving a piece of advice, and Stephanie did not think twice to give a piece of inspiration for aspiring writers, “Keep on going. Some days you run out of ideas, sometimes it’s so hard to focus, but as long as you never give up, you will finish that book.”

Artists and even other people must never forgo imagination. It is a healthy practice to sit and contemplate, meditate on what’s going in the mind. This is how imagination is heightened, and a strengthened insight can bring a person to new heights. The piece of advice left by Stephanie R. Lowell is also a motivational piece that everyone can benefit from, a quote to encourage everyone to pursue and hone their craft.


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