The Importance of Deepening a Sibling Love

The Importance of Deepening a Sibling Love

“I can donate one of my internal organs for you, but you can’t have the remote.”

Brother, sisters, siblings—the relationships we build between this family sector feel like home the most. We can show our true selves and tell our thoughts with them, even the ugliest thought we share with them. As parents are the first teachers, siblings are the first best friends. Arguments don’t usually last long when it’s with your sibling, and it’s because of the familial instinct that we have for them. The bond made with blood is something that we cannot deny in ourselves. We say that we don’t love them, but we only do not explicitly show it. Siblings usually treat each other as if they dread one another but will go out their way when something happens.

In contrast to this, there are also kids who, unfortunately, are experiencing the opposite. Some siblings have a sense of rivalry between them—competitions and comparisons are made from both siblings’ experiences inside their household. Again, an issue that roots from a parent’s treatment of the kids. Her kids reflect a parent’s treatment of her children and either make them into annoying mammals or the sweetest creature to exist. This also reflects in the relationships that a child builds in his spectrum as he grows up. A violent nature or a sense of rivalry typically between brothers is a hard thing to deal with as most males in this kind of relationship have pride, ego, and a patriarchal identity to stand up to.

James and Torunn are brothers… in a family of werewolves. This is told in Caught in a Lycan Favour, the first book in Stephanie R. Lowell’s Caught With A Lycan series. This is for all the fans of lycanthropic novels that tackle love and science fiction and would like to embark on a journey to the lycanthropic culture. Caught in a Lycan Favour talks about a romance between Torrun and James’ fake girlfriend, Devin. It is a well-written piece of fiction that will surely catch the interest of readers. Stephanie R. Lowell writes a masterpiece filled with lessons and unforgettable scenes, all with a humor hinged. James and Torunn’s relationship would tell a story between two brothers, a book different from the usual paperbacks that we read.

There are bonds that we need in life, and some are already there from the day that we are born; we need to nurture them. There is a great possibility that one reader who would read this has a not-so-good relationship with his siblings, and this is a sign to address an issue that can increase the possibility of a truce. The saying “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the womb” is true, but those siblings that you have fond memories with from childhood may be worth mending too.

People are out there saying things about relationships; this may be the same. Although for the sake of clarification, it all comes down to an endpoint. Evaluate if a sibling relationship is good for your health and fix it if it is, but if it is not then, it’s better off to leave it as it is. Just remember, there is always a place for the person with who you would donate an internal organ but won’t let them hold the remote.

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