Why Should You Handle Game Changers

Why Should You Handle Game Changers

Many things happen in a day that is twenty-four hours of our lives; what more in a week? Or a month? Think about it.

Like a basketball game, they say that a game is always not decided until all of it ended. Even the last three seconds of the game are important factors that can change the game’s whole flow. A sudden event can affect a final decision, like the domino effect. Expounding on this, the domino effect is how a sudden event affects all that happens next. This usually happens in life on the most unexpected moments, leaving the person in a state of shock, confused about the sudden turn of events. They tell us that planning a schedule for the time ahead of us is beneficial, and although it is true, all of us can still get off track once this catalyst event happens.

Gamechangers. This word is usually heard in distinct industries, but these game-changers often exist in our whole life in general. They are the sudden events, the accidents, the “something came up” text that we sent to a workmate. These game-changers can either sabotage you or give an advantage to yourself; it depends. Although there are people who can face these game-changers with all their might, like a surfer who faces the tide and leaves the crowd gaping, he greets them with a smile as he shows that he had tamed the rushing wave. This is often how the most successful people handle the predicaments that gone their way. They tame it, find their way into it, and rises with an astounding smile to the world.

Stephanie R. Lowell’s female protagonist in her book Caught in a Lycan Favour, Devin, has portentous traits that enable her to handle the sudden tide that comes in her life. This tide is a sudden roaring blast of water that started when he agrees to become James’ fake girlfriend, not knowing what creatures she is interacting with. The novel, Caught in a Lycan Favour goes more extreme as Torunn, James’ brother, finds himself attracted to Devin. This attraction had become the pinnacle and put Devin’s life in danger. Readers can seek inspiration on Devin’s perseverance and originality to go against what is coming for her and the unseeing tale that will leave lycanthrope fans pulled back on their seats. This book is the first part of the Caught With a Lycan series masterfully crafted by Lowell—a masterpiece that’ll surely indulge readers up to the last page.

Be it riding a horse or taming a wave; it is hard for an inexperienced person. Facing game-changers for the first time can be caught someone off guard. The key to this is crafting a way to rise and conquer it—usually found in ourselves per se. The courage, spirit, and will are all threads that can spin the finest cloth that anyone can use against fire when used most wisely.

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